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Hook up ground or positive first Place the positive cable on first; How to jump start a car using jumper cables safely

  • With the engine off
  • How to disconnect a battery
  • Pop the hood and find the battery hook up ground or positive first
  • With the engine off

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    How to disconnect a battery, do you hook up positive or negative first

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    There will be no spark because the ground is open
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    Pop the hood and find the battery hook up ground or positive first

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    • The reason you connect the positive first is that the negative is the ground wire Proper order for connecting and disconnecting car battery
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    • The battery cables, place the positive cable on first and then the ground cable Why does the battery cable spark when placed on a post
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    • Why connect the positive first
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    • Detach the positive red battery cable from thenbsp How to disconnect a car battery 5 steps with pictures
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